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Hello World! My name is Hardy, and I have dreams to share with you. This story begins long ago, back in another time. We’re all travelers here, time, space, waking and dreaming, home, or on the road, all the time.

Once I experienced a creative death. One in which I realized that my being necessitated creative essences that were no longer developing because of rigid external life influences. In the depths of my state, I had a dream–a bright, vivid ray of hope for the future, complete with tangible interpretations of past decisions that led me to this point. It rolled me like a wave, and there I awoke in bed, free!

I always was an avid dreamer, but up until this charged moment I hadn’t realized the clarity with which we often communicate with our subconscious processes. I knew I had to get back to that clear vision of self in dream. But how? I had not yet developed the dexterity of mind, especially subconscious mind with which I now operate. I thought long and hard… I need medicine? I need medicine! Food is medicine! The spark shot me an inch out of my rolling chair. I’d been cooking my whole life, in the kitchen I was free too. Free to be a soul comforter, lover of friends, kinesthetic learner, a mad scientist inspiring physiological effect with my creations. “There has to be a link between food and dreams, functional food,” I said to myself. Sure enough, a few research hours later I had found my first dream foods. I smiled as I chomped on almonds, bananas, drank apple juice, melted dark chocolate on my tongue, and that night I was back on hollowed ground–exploring questions of self, expunging and forgiving the past, and preparing for the future.

The dream world took me in and has never let go. I was truly reborn as a conscious, confident, creative human in waking life. The ritual of eating ‘dream foods’ focused my intention each night, rapidly advancing my dream practice (it is truly a practice). Every living person has the faculty to dream. but we often suppress this reality and hide in darkness. Essentially if you live ‘til 90, you’ll have spent 30 years of your gifted experience [life] unconscious, in unexplored time, unless you choose this practice for yourself. Some of us are natural dreamers, even lucidity comes naturally (we often happen upon our first lucid moments in the morning-sleep period, after your first waking), but we can all focus more and more intention on this reality, become more and more awake, mindful and beautifully alive.

Dreaming is wildly entertaining, but can also help us face conscious concerns, and most importantly yield incredible gains towards true, unwavering self-knowledge that for conscious individuals is a lifelong journey. Know your dreams, know yourself. Dreams + Freedom.

When I founded Eat Dream Be with Taylor 18 months ago, we agreed that our most important asset would be an incredible Dream Team, and sure enough, we’ve attracted some of our closest friends, artists of life and experience, and dreamers to keep our vision strong. We truly believe that together we can focus intention on dreaming to realize gains in human potential. Welcome to the Dream Bars Project. Please enjoy our web experience, look out for new interactive elements appearing soon, and if you are so inclined, look into becoming an affiliate, a working member of the Dream Team. I’m looking forward to this blog as a portal into the lives of the Team, our fascinations, discoveries and unique lifestyles. We’re nomads here, or rather KNOWmads, and look forward to meeting you out there.

Dream on,


CEO and Co-Founder

Eat Dream Be

Eat Dream Be